21 names of lord ganesha

Lord Ganesh is the younger son of God Shiva and Goddess parvati. The eldest son of shivaparvati is known as Kumar kartikeya (skanda). Lord ganesha biggest festival is known as ganesh chaturthi. In this auspicious day every ganesh temple is filled with devotees. And specially every tuesday ,ganesh is worshipped sincerely. Tuesday is the day of god ganesha.

The wife of lord ganesh is riddhi,siddhi,and buddhi.

lord ganesh

The main offering which is done to ganesha is laddu made up of buniya and till. And important offering to ganesh ji is dubo,dhoob or durva (bermuda grass).

To Please lord ganesh we should go every tuesday ganesh temple.

Simple worship is that just fold both hand (namaste) and ask for devotion to lord ganesh everytime you go ganesh temple. Except tuesday you can go anytime ganesh temple specially morning,evening after it day. More than that offer incenses,fruits or flower.

If you really like to please lord ganesh quickly you should follow this.

While worshipping ganesh,we should say this 21 mantra(hymn) by offering dhoob grass 21 time respectively with each name or mantra.

  1. Om ganathipataye namah – ॐ गणाधीपतये नमः – Name – Ganapati or Ganadhip,meaning the head of troop.
  2. Om uma putraye namah – ॐ उमा पुत्राये नमः – Name – Uma putra,meaning the son of mother parvati(uma or gauri).
  3. Om abhaye pradaye namah – ॐ अभय प्रदाये नमः – Name – Abhaye prad,meaning the one who take all fear of his devotees. Or one who protect his devotee from fear. Or one who make his devotee fearless.
  4. Om ekadantaye namah – ॐ एकदन्ताये नमः – Name – Ekadanta/ekadanti , meaning the one who have single teej.
  5. om ibhabakraye namah – ॐ इभबक्राय नमः – Name – Ibhabakri/ibhabakre, meaning the one who look like elephant.
  6. Om binayekaye namah – ॐ बिनायकाय नमः – Name – Binayak – Name – Vinayak/Binayak,meaning the main leader of his troop. Gano ke nayek binayak. The main leader of troop ganesh.
  7. Om musakabahanaye namah – ओम मुसक वाहानाये नमः – Name – musak vahan, meaning the one who ride in mouse or whose vehicle is mouse.
  8. Om isha putraye namah – ओम इश पुत्राए नमः – Name – Isha putra,meaning the son of god shiva. (Son of ishwor/god).
  9. Om sarva siddhi pradayekaye namah – ओम सर्व सिद्धि प्रदायेकाए नमः – Name – Sarva siddhi pradayek,meaning the one who provide all or all kinds accomplishment.
  10. Om lambodaraye namah -ओम लम्बोदराय नमः – Name : lambodar,meaning who have long trunk.
  11. Om bakratundaye namah – ओम बक्र तुंडाये नमः – Name : Vakratunda,meaning who who body is fat like elephant,whose brillance is equal to billions of sun. May always remove all my obstacles from my endeavors.
  12. Om aghanasanaye namah – ॐ अघ नासनाय नमः – Name – Agha nasak, meaning the one who cleans the sin and impurity.
  13. Om vigna vidwangsha sakatre namah – Name – Vigna vidwangsha sakatri,meaning the one who remove all obstacles and who save from destroy. And one who accept all problem of his devotees/bhaktas.
  14. Om vishwa vandaye namah – name – ॐ विग्न विध्वंस सकत्रे नमः – bishwa banda,meaning the one who is teacher of all world.
  15. Om amareshworaye namah – name : amareshwor – ॐ अमरेश्वोराय,meaning the one who never die/immortal.
  16. Om gajabakraye namah – ओम गज वक्राए नमः – name – gaja vakra,meaning the one with elephant head.
  17. Om nag yagyo pabitine namah – ओम नाग यग्यो पबितिने नमः – name – nag yagyo pabit dhari,meaning the one who wear janeu (neklace or garland vicevarsa) of snake in his body.
  18. om bhal chandraye namah – ओम भाल चंद्राए नमः – name – bhal chandra ,meaning the one who wear crown of half moon in his forehead.
  19. om parashudharine namah – ओम परशु धारिने नमः – name – parashudhari,meaning the one who carry axe.
  20. Om vignadhipaye namah -ओम विग्नाधीपाय नमः – name – Bignadhip,meaning the one who remove all obstacles.
  21. om sarva vidya pradayekaye namah -ओम सर्व विद्या प्रदायकाय नमः – name – Sarva bidya pradayek,meaning the one who provide all kinds of knowledge.

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