Himalaya Rudraksha Bhandar is situated in Pashupatinath Temple (Kathmandu,Nepal). Lord  pashupatinath is heart of all nepali  and all Hindus around the world. Pashupatinath temple is temple of lord of lord , Lord Shiva. Shiva puran(scripture) mention,pashupati as shiva eight great name. Eight dear name of god-shiva are Mahadev,rudra,bhava,sarva,bhima,pashupati,ugra,ishan.

Our store is situated in temple for more than 20 years. Now our shop is situated in west gate of temple (main entrance gate) with Name of shop “Himalaya Rudraksha Bhandar”.

We provide nepali rudraksha and shaligram so our site has been named, Nepalrudraksha.org and Nepalrudraksha.com

We have many devotees and clients who purchases rudraksha and shaligram from us in india and around the world.

Devotees suggest us because we are direct supplier from Nepal and with devotion of lord pashupatinath.

We have our own trees and rudraksha garden in our village as well as we purchase directly from farmer. Rudraksha and shaligram is only found in nepal. So devotees suggest our shop when they come here for darshan(worship) of lord pashupatinath. Rudraksha,saligram and all other products shipping facility is available.

image of rudraksha beads/lord shiva and shaligram stone/lord vishnu

For Wholesale enquiry,

– If you wish to purchase rudraksha and other products in wholesale price , you can purchase rudraksha beads,other items from us. We provide only authentic rudraksha to our customer so that many people can get blessing of lord shiva and all god around the world.

Rudraksha is worn and worship from million of years. We can find definition of rudraksha in our scriptures like purans (ie shiva puran,padma puran etc).

Nepal rudraksha price also depend upon quality. We sell only good quality rudraksha in reasonable price.

For more details about rudraksha can also be viewed on www.nepalrudraksha.org

Click here to contact us for any kinds of enquiry and purchase.