Usually rudraksha mala are not found to be fake. But now it has also found to be fake.Only different mukhi or face of rudraksha mainly higher mukhis or higher faced rudraksha is found to be fake rudraksha. To identify fake or original rudraksha. There are different methods. some are given below.

1) we should see its face or mukhi,whether it is hand cut or not. Usually 4,5 and 6 mukh rudraksha is found normally. So people donot make it fake. Higher mukhi likes 11 ,12  mukhi could be fake. So we should see unnecessary lines of rudraksha. Faces or mukhi are lines present in rudraksha beads. For example fifth type of rudraksha have 5 faces or mukh or lines on rudraksha so it is known as 5 mukhi or five face rudraksha. Normally found rudraksha are 1 to 14,gaurishankar(twin bead). 15 ,16 is rare. Above 16 are very rare. Most important thing is looking unnecessary lines on rudraksha. Fake rudraksha lines are very sharp,it looks like man made.

2) Fake rudraksha is also made  by glueing. Normally found rudraksha is 4,5,6. People join two piece of 6 mukhi to make bead large size. After joining two six mukhi. It become 12 mukhi. If they wish to make it 13 or 14 they add one or two lines more.Otherwise they sell same fake 12 mukhi rudraksha. Fake seller also earn by putting one or lines in six mukhi.It becomes 7 or 8 mukhi after putting 1 or 2 lines. They add more lines to make higher mukhi or higher face rudraksha like 14 or 15 face rudraksha.  We should see it. 65% cases are solved with tepid. Please try this to check rudraksha. Just keep rudraksha in tepid water(not so hot not cold). Keep rudraksha in tepid water for 15 -30 minutes. Fake rudraksha bead break if glued,as well as glue come out of it. If some material like plastic comes from rudraksha beads,it is chance of fake rudraksha.

3) Finding original or fake rudraksha,other way is doing exray test or lab test of rudraksha beads.We can see seed of rudraksha inside rudraksha according to their face. 7 face rudraksha have 7 seed of rudraksha when done exray.

4) People say fake rudraksha to those which float in water. But it is not fake. Because only whose weight is less float in water, and whose weight is heavy sink in water. Many hindu People prefer rudraksha which sinks in water because it is known as fully developed bead.

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Image – Original and fake rudraksha image.

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