How to identify Rudraksha type?

I came to know various benefits and importance of rudraksha. I also came to know that different variety or mukhi or face of rudraksha denote different god. But how to identify which types of rudraksha is which. I mean which face or mukhi of rudraksha is which?

Answers – Identifications of rudraksha is very easy but only incase of higher mukhi or face we be confused sometime. So that we have to repeat again. Practice make man perfect. So here is our answer for identifying rudraksha.

Each bead of rudraksha present different no of lines. There are mainly 1 to 14 order or class of rudraksha. They are also known as 1 to 14 mukhi rudraksha or 1 to 14 face rudraksha. 1 mukhi have 1 lines,2 mukhi rudraksha have 2 lines, 3 mukhi/3 face rudraksha have three lines, four have four,five have total no of lines 5, Six mukhi rudraksha have total 6 lines or mukhi/face. Seven mukhi rudraksha have total number of lines 7 so this rudraksha is known as seven mukhi rudraksha or 7 face rudraksha.

This mukh/face means types of rudraksha or varieties. Normally 1 to 14 face rudraksha are found. Above 14 are 14 to 21.

So below image will helps you find in live mode.

We see total three images of rudraksha beads in this image. First image have total 8 lines so it is known as 8 mukhi rudraksha or 8 face rudraksha. It is symbol of ganesha(son of shiva). This rudraksha remove all kinds of obstacles and problems. Second image have total 6 lines so it is known as 6 mukhi rudraksha or 6 face rudraksha. It is symbol of kumarkartikeya(son of shiva,lord shiva have total 2 son). Third image present total 4 lines so it is known as four mukhi rudraksha or 4 face rudraksha..It is symbol of brahma (creator of universe). Read more

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