Importance of Rudraksha

Rudraksha is dearest to lord shiva,we can see every image of lord shiva wearing rudraksha mala(rosary).Rudraksha can be used as rossaries for meditation purpose. Rudraksha beads is strung together to make mala (garland) to count the repetition of mantra or prayer as well as single bead or mala(garland/rosary) can be worn.

Rudraksha is used as godly beads, for long life,happiness,prosperity. Wearing Rudraksha beads is said to cleanses all kind of sin.

According to shiva purana,rudraksha trees  is produces from the tears drops of lord shiva. The beads which is grown in rudraksha tress is known as rudrakshas or rudraksha beads which has great healing and scientific properties.

Rudraksha wearing and worship of rudraksha beads is followed from ancient period of time.

There are also varity or types of rudraksha. Rudraksha beads,present, some line in each rudraksha. Some have less lines,some have more, some have 3 or some have 10 lines. So we should count this lines to identify the rudraksha. This lines is also known as face or mukhi of rudraksha. If rudraksha have 1 lines we say 1 mukhi, if 2 lines then 2 mukhi/face, if 3 lines then 3 mukhi rudraksha or three face rudraksha, if 4 lines then 4 mukhi rudraksha or 4 face rudraksha beads. So this lines is known as face or mukhi of rudraksha. These are types of rudrakshas.

Image – Four face rudraksha and lord brahma.

Image – God kumar kartikeya and six mukhi rudraksha (ie,6 face rudraksha beads)

ॐ  ॐ ॐ Rudraksha importance from shiva puran (scriptures)ॐ ॐ ॐ

–  Rudraksha is very favourite to Shiva. We should consider it as very pure and divine. Looking to rudraksha(darshana),touching to rudraksha,and reciting mantra japa through it ,rudraksha,is able to captures all kinds of sin. In past, for the benefits of the mankind, lord shiva said importance and glory of rudraksha to mother parvati.

Lord shiva said, Mahaeshwari shive,me due to your love and affection,for the benefits of devotees. I will say importance of rudraksha.

Listen,Maheshshani!, it is about the past,i controlled my mind and heart and did thousand of years  grievous (घोर) Austerity(tapasya). One day , my mind became impatient. My dear,i am free god who do good for all three world. At that time i open my both eyes as or on the sport(lila),while opening suddenly some water drops from eyes fell. From that drop of eyes,there,grew a tree name called “rudraksha”. To grace the devotees, eyes tears became immovable(benfitial for everyone). That rudraksha beads i served//gave to vishnu devotees and all four class people. 

In earth, for my dearest rudraksha, i have origin it on gauda desha(most prefered nepal or bengal). Mathura,ayodhya,lanka,malayachal,sarhagiri,kashi and in other place/country also its seedlings is done.  

This excellent rudraksha is able to cut down incountables group of sin and it is motivator/inspiration of scripture as well.

From my order,rudraksha took birth as brahman(priesthood),kshetriya(ruler,warrior),vaishya(merchant/farmer),sudra(sudra care all three caste). Rudraksha is suitable according to our castes/class. They are as follow.

1)Brahman – White rudraksha , 2)Kshetriya – reddish rudraksha 

3)vaishya – yellow rudraksha bead , 4) sudra – Black rudraksha.

Human beings,must wear it according to their castes/class. Those who want pleasure(bhog),happiness,salvation(moksha) mainly shiva bhakta(Siva devotees) for pleasure of shiva parvati and to make shiva parvati happy,they must wear rudraksha beads.

The best rudraksha is known as of shape of emblic(amla). Those who are of size of jujube(बेर) is medium. And those who are of  size  of chana(chick-pea) is lowest than this two type.

And,now to find the best rudraksha,other excellent process is going to said.

The reason to say it is for benefits of devotees. Parvati, Please listen this thing carefully.

Maheshwori!,Those whose size are similar to jujube(बेर),even though by being so smaller in size ,it is able to provide best fruits and increases happiness and prosperity. Those whose size are similar to amla(emblic) is able to destroy all bad thing and bad fortune. Those whose size are similar to small pea can fulfill all wish and desire. 

Those rudraksha who are small in size,is able to provide more and more fruits.

The single big rudraksha  comparing to single small rudraksha,knowledgable people say that smaller is able to provide 10 time more fruits than bigger rudraksha.

To clean sin,wearing rudraksha is said to be very important. It is surely,the best to get wish fulfilled.Hence,we must wear rudraksha.

Parmeshwori(Goddess)!,In world similar to Mangalmaye(prosperous) rudraksha mala(rossary/garland) other mala has not been seen. Devi! same size,smooth,robust,healthy,gross,without broken or insect bitten, and beautiful rudraksh beads is able to provide wish fulfill and provide both bhoga(pleasure) and moksha(salvation).

Those who are insect bitten, which is broken,not developed,gall, and which is completely completely not round,we should leave this 5 types of rudraksha.

Those rudraksha,who have natural whole so that thread can easily strung,this is known as best among rudrakshas bead. Those beads whose are made hole with human is medium . Wearing rudraksha is able to  destroy big big sin. 

In this world,wearing 1100 rudraksha beads,human will get that blessing which canot be described in 100 year also. Religious person,make diadem(hat) of 550 rudraksha and wear it in head. With help of 360 beads of rudraksha make long necklace in thread. Make similar necklace for 3 time and wear as a sacred thread in body (yagyopabit),wear it regularly.

In conversation to maharishi ,sage suta ji say “now we will discuss how many rudraksha we must wear in different organ of body”. In head with ishan mantra,in ear with tatpurush mantra,in neck and heart with aghor mantra we should wear rudraksha. Knowledgable people,wear rudraksha in both hand with aghor beej mantra. In abdomen or belly wear rudraksha which is strung with 15 rudraksha with bamdev mantra(vamadeva mantra).

Or wear rudraksha in different organ by saying  “Om//ॐ” Mantra five times. Wearing no is  3 beads of rudraksha,5 beads, or 7 beads. OR wear all rudraksha by saying Main mantra “Namah Shivaya” (नमः शिवाय ).

Rudraksha wearer should not eat alchol,meat,onion,garlic,sahijan(moringa oleifera),lisoda(cordia myxa) etc.

Giriraj nandini ume, white rudraksha must be worn only by brahmin. Dark red is benefital to kshetriya, Vaishya should everyday wear yellow rudraksha,and sudras should wear black color rudraksha. It is vedic way.

Brahmachari(unmarried),vanaprastha(one who giveup worldly life),grihastha(house holders) and sanyasi(hindu religious mendicant) ,all,should wear rudraksha according to rules and regulation. 

We will get opportunities to wear rudraksha by great merit . Ume! first size of amla(emblic) and after it we should wear smaller than this.

Those who has suffer,who donot have clean face or mukh/mukhi,insect bitten,no place to whole, those who wish to get rudraksha fruits and benefits should not wear this type of rudraksha.

Rudraksha is my(Shiva) mangalmaye(prosperous) linga vigraha (prosperous symbol). It will be as small size as of chick pea. Tiny or small rudraksha is very good and very useful to wear.

All ashrama(sect),all varnas (castes),women and sudra,with permission of lord shiva, Rudraksha must be worn.For sages, wearing rudraksha should be worn by saying pranava mantra (by saying “om”.)

Those who have tripunda(tilaka//special mark with sandalwood paste or bhasma/ash) in forehead,all organ is fill with rudraksha and who is chanting Mritunjaya mantra,looking upon them we will get same benefits of seeing rudra(shiva).

For your information – Here is the mritunajaya mantra “Om trayam bakam yaja mahe sugandhim pusti Bardanam urva ruka miwa bandhanat mrityo mukchiya mamritat” (ओम त्रयम बकम यजा मये सुगन्धिम पुस्टि वर्धनम उर्वा रुक मीव बन्धननात मृत्यो मुक्षीय माम्रितात).

Parvati,There are different types of rudraksha. I will define its difference.
This difference is able to provide pleasure and salvation(moksha).
Please listen devotionally its introduction.
The rudraksha with One mukh(face) is direct symbol of lord shiva. It is able to provide pleasure and moksha(salvation).
Where rudraksha is worship,from there goddess of wealth(laxmi) never go far away.
Everything nuisance of that place will  be destroyed and everyperson who stay in that place there wish will be fulfilled.

Two mukhi(face) rudraksha is dev deveshwor. It is able to provide all wish and fruits.
Three mukh(face) rudraksha is evertime give benefits of what we do.
Four mukh(face) rudraksha is direct symbol of lord brahma. By looking it and touching it,soon it is able to provide dharma(religion),artha(economy),kam(pleasure),moksha(salvation) to mankind. Five mukhi(face) rudraksha is direct symbol of kalagni rudra. He is able to do anything. It provide freedom to anyone and fulfill all wish which we desire. Panchamukh(5 mukh/5 face) rudraksha cleanses all sin.

Six mukh(face) rudraksha is symbol of kartikeya. If it worn in right arm,wearer will be free from sin like brahmahatya(murder) and other sin.There is no doubt on it.
Maheshwori!Seven mukhi/7faces rudraksha is symbol of ananga(kamdev) and is famous as name ananga itself. Deveshi!wearing it poor will also become grandeur.
Eight mukhi rudraksha (8 face) rudraksha is symbol of asta mukh bhairav (8 form of bhairav).
Wearing it people will get long life or stay upto complete age. And after death he will be suldhari or trishul dhari shankar (trident carrier shiva/shankar).
Nine mukhi rudraksha is regarded as symbol of Bhairav and kapil muni. Or Who take nine form Maheshwari Durga is considered as its symbol.
Those who wear devotionally nine mukhi rudraksha(9 face) in left hand. He/she surely become all god similar to me. There is no doubt on it.
Maheshwari! Ten mukh rudraksha(10 face) rudraksha is direct symbol of lord vishnu. Deveshi! wearing it,human beings all desired will be fulfilled.
Parameshwari! The rudraksha with 11 face(mukhi) is form of Rudra. Wearing it, wearer will get victory everywhere.
Wear 12 face rudraksha(twelve mukh) in hair. Wearing it means that there is 12 aditya presence in head.
Thirteen mukhi rudrksha(13 face) rudraksha is symbol of vishwedevo. Wearing it,human beings will attain every wish and fortunate and welfare benefits.
Fourteen mukhi rudraksha(14 face) is great symbol of lord shiva. Please wear it in head devotionally. It will destroy all sin.
Giriraj kumari!,According to face or mukh. Rudraksha have total 14 types. Now please listen the mantra which is used to recite while wearing this rudraksha.
1 mukhi/face – Om hrih namah (ॐ ह्रिः नमः )
2 mukhi/face – Om namah (ॐ नमः)
3 mukh/face – Om kli namah ((ॐ क्लि नमः )
4 mukh/face – Om hrih namah (ॐ ह्रिः नमः)
5 mukh/face – Om hrih namah (ॐ ह्रिः नमः)
6 mukhi/face – om hrih huh namah (ॐ ह्रिः हु नमः)
7 mukhi/face – om huh namah (ॐ हु नमः)
8 mukh/face – om huh namah (ॐ हु नमः)
9 mukh/face – Om hrih huh namah(ॐ ह्रिः हु नमः)
10 mukh/face – Om hrih namah (ॐ ह्रिः नमः)
11 mukh/face – Om hrih huh namah(ॐ ह्रिः हु नमः)
12 mukh/face – Om krau kshau rauh namah ((ॐ क्रौ क्षौ रौः नमः )
13 mukhi/face – om hrih namah (ॐ ह्रिः नमः)
14 mukhi/face – om nama (ॐ नमः)
By saying this fourteen mantra,it is process to wear 1 to 14 mukh(face) rudraksha. Recite the specific mantra for specific bead before wearing rudraksha. It is also known as energization/activation of rudraksha through mantra. Or making and calling or remebering to god before wearing rudraksha beads .Sadhaka(performer) must leave laziness(aalasya) and taunt(nindra) and be all Devotion and faithful to get everywish fulfill . And with help of reciting this mantra wear rudraksha.

Rudraksha malas

By seeing Those who is wearing Rudraksha mala,ghost,phantom/sprite,ghoul/eidolon,Dakini,sakini,and other obstacler demon,that all will run away. Those who wish to do negative things to other and think of other bad,this all by seeing rudraksha wearer will go away. Parvati! By seeing rudraksha mala wearer me (shiva),lord vishnu,Devi durga,ganesh,surya(sungod) and other god will be happy.
Maheshwari,after knowing rudraksha importance like this For the spirtual and religious growth.Devotionally we should wear rudraksha after reciting mentioned mantra of rudraksha beads.

Wearer of rudraksha never be phantom/sprite. Those who do or recite mantra through rudraksha mala never be pret yoni(phantom/sprite).

image – big and small size rudraksha mala

image-  7 face rudraksha(ie,seven mukhi)  and Rudraksha and  sphatik bead combination mala. Rudraksha is shiva whereas sphatik(quartz/crystal) is symbol of mother gayatri. Shiva love shiva is also known as gayatri vallabh or ballava and both are great god/goddess in hinduism.

Munishwor,what lord shiva said to mata parvati. Everything is said for your knowledge. I have define this videshwor samhita. This with mercy and will of lord shiva,it is able to provide salvation(moksha) everytime.

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