Morality description and Rudraksha Nobility statement

God Narayan (vishnu) say – Narad! Sudra,smarth,pouranic,vaidic,tantrik and shrauth this 6 type of achamana(rinse/sip) is said in revelation.

Those achaman which is done to get purity after stool and urine is known as Suddha achaman. Achaman which is done before any work is known as smarth and pouranic achamana. Before doing brahma yagya vaidic and shrauth achamana is done. Before gaining knowledge of astra/weapon (astra vidya) tantrik achamana procedure is followed.

Knot the sikha(crest) by chanting Gayatri mantra three time,mention Om( ॐ) while reciting gayatri mantra. After it by doing achamana touch or feel heart,shoulder and arm. To get purity from sneeze,spiting,if anything touched from teeth which is impure,if speaked untruth and if any one who has talked to degenerate or fallen people feel or touch the right ear.

Narad!Agni(fire),water,vedas,soma(moon),sun and air all this god is present in brahmana south ear. The great sage! After it go in river or pond to bath to make body pure.

Body always used to be extremely impure. From its 9 way it always used to come waste. So for the purity of it morning bath is very important.

Going to wrong place,taking donation, and something forbidden thing which happen in silence place from which we get sin. It will be wash away from morning bath (prat kal snan). Those who donot bath in morning,there everything will be fruitless. So we should bath everyday morning.

image – brahma vishnu shiva(maheshwor),trimurti,meaning creator,preserver & destroyer (destroyer of evils at end of all age. It is believed that kalki avatar(vishnu) and shiva or rudra third eyes fire destroy all world at end.

There is rules that Bathing and sandhya vandhan(evening & morning prayer) is done along with kush grass. Those who donot bath upto 7 days,who is free of 3 days sandhya vandhan and who donot do hawana/havana (fire sacrifice) upto 12 days. These people or brahmana are known or consider as Sudra(lower caste).

There is no great work and thing then doing gayatri japa (reciting gayatri mantra) in this world and after this world. Who speak or say from mouth it will save to those. So its name is known as gayatri. Om and other 3 vyahatiya always must be there with it.

Brahmana while doing pranayama. keep Prana(life/soul),apan,and saman this 3 air in control. Those be revelations and care the religion. And everytime recite the vaidic mantra. Happily must recite gayatri mantra.

At time of bath to please god and ancestor,we should offer water to them. After coming out from water wear 2 clean cloth. Wear bhasma and rudraksha mala. Like this sadhaka(perfective) must do Japa/chanting mantra yog accordingly.

Rudraksha have great importance, those who wear 32 beads rudraksha in neck, 40 beads in head, both ear 6-6 bead,both arm 16-16 bead,in sikha(crest) 1 bead, 108 beads in heart,he is consider as Nilkantha(shiva).

image – rudraksha mala (total no of beads 108)

Sage! We must wear in gold or silver strung daily very carefully in ear and crest. Male wear rudraksha in yagyopabita(upanayana sacred thread),hand,arm,neck and heart. And recite panchakshara mantra with pranav(om) , recite or chant “Om nama shivaya” mantra. Knowlegable people wear rudraksha happily without cheating.Wearing rudraksha means it is process to get knowledge of lord shankar(shiva). Any class and caste people can wear rudraksha mala. Only difference is that brahmana wear rudraksha with mantra and sudra without mantra. After wearing rudraksha he/she will be equal to lord shankar.

Oh! rudraksha has so much benefits,i canot described it. So carefully we must wear rudraksha mala.

Sage narada says – Anagha(sinless god)! this rudraksha have so much importance you said it.Now it is regarded as so much great,what is the reason behind this. So bless me by telling this.

Lord Narayana said – Sage! In Past ,this questions was ask by lord kartikeya to lord shankar(shiva). What he said to him,i will say same to you listen.

Lord shiva says – Sadanan(one with 6 head)! i will answer your question in short words with best answer listen. long time ago there was a demon name tripur.No one can win him. Due to him brahma,vishnu and other god was facing huge problem. So all prayed to me. In this situation i started thinking of tripurasur. My one great weapon name is “aghor”. It is very big and beautiful.It is regarded as shadow of all god. From this enormous weapon fire always comes from it. This weapon is able to control all kinds of notorious and provide peace. I thought of same aghor weapon to kill demon tripur and help god. For long time i closes my eyes.After it some water drop from eyes fell down in earth. Mahasen! from same drops of water great and holy rudraksha trees is grown. From my order for the welfare of god ,from the same rudraksha tree it grew total 38 types of rudraksha beads. The origin of rudraksha is that Kapil color(brown) types of total 12 rudraksha from surya(sun) eyes , Sweta varna(white) types of total 16 rudraksha from som(moon) eyes and krishna varna(black) types of total 10 rudraksha from agni(fire) eyes.

1 to 14 mukhi rudraksha (one to fourteen face rudraksha combination) – siddha mala

White rudraksha according to caste “brahmana”,reddish “kshetriya”,any color or dicolour or with same color “vaishya” and black color for “sudra”. So rudraksha must be worn by this respective caste.

One mukhi rudraksha (1 face) rudraksha is known as direct symbol of God shankar(shiva).

Two mukhi rudraksha (2 face) rudraksha is known as symbol of shankar and parvati (shiva parvati).

Those rudraksha who have three mukh(3 face) ,this rudraksha is symbol of god agni (fire god).

Four mukhi (4 face rudraksha) is known as symbol of god brahma (creators).

image – Four mukh rudraksha or 4 face rudraksha posses total 4 lines so it is known as 4 mukhi or 4 face

Those who have 5 mukh(5 face) then he is known as rudra whose name is kalagni.

6 mukh rudraksha (six face) rudraksha is related to swami kartikeye. Male should worn this in his right hand.

image – Six mukhi rudraksha or 6 face rudraksha posses total 6 lines so it is known as 6 mukhi or 6 face

7 mukh rudraksha (seven face) name is mahabhag ananga (kamdev).

Eight face rudraksha (8 mukhi) is known as direct symbol of lord ganesha. Wearing 8 mukhi rudraksha provide all kinds of skill easily.

Nine mukha rudrakshya (9 faces) is known as symbol of bhairav. We should wear it in left hand.

Those rudraksha who have 10 lines (ten face or mukh) is known as sakshat form of Lord janardhana or janardan (lord vishnu).

Rudraksha with 11 face or mukh is known as symbol of 11 rudras.

Those who have worn 12 face rudraksha (twelve mukh) has pleases lord 12 suryas (sun-god) and is regarded as blessful among those who has done daily prayer to lord surya.

dear son(batsh) if we get 13 mukhi rudraksha (thirteen face) then we should regard him that who gives every wish and siddhis “kumar kartikeya”.

Dear son! If fortunately if we recieve or get 14 mukh rudraksha (fourteen face) then we should wear it in our head. He is direct symbol of me. Wearing this rudraksha clean and make free from all kind of small and big sin. And attain auspicious fruits.

Mune! Rudraksha wearer is always worshipped by god. At last he /she will get supreme blessedness and beatitude.

Sadanan! Wear rudraksha mala (Rudraksh garland or necklace) which is made up of 108 rudraksh beads,50 beads or 27 beads combination mala. Or if we do japa(recite mantra/hymn)then we will get uncountable benefits. If people wear 108 beads rudraksha mala then he will attain fruits of doing ashwamegh yagya(fire sacrifice) in every second.

Hence, lord shankar (shiva) said rudraksha types,Malas character and differences, Mala wearing procedure,its benefits and fruits and rudraksha great importance briefly. And at last said one mukhi rudraksha is Publisher of ultimate element. Wearing it in heart provide knowledge of ultimate elements.

Munishwor! Two mukhi rudraksha is symbol of ardhanarishwor (half shiva and half mother parvati). Wearing it everytime make happy to god ardhanarishwor. Three face rudraksha or teen mukhi is direct symbol of god agni(firegod). With the effect of this immediately the sin of murder *brahma hatya* is washed away. Or 3 faced rudraksha is symbol of 3 types of agni(firegod). Those who wear it,for him agni dev will be pleased. Four facet rudraksha (char mukhi) rudraksha is known as symbol of lord brahma dev. Wearing it makes very wealthy,long life, and known as great among human beings. And his mind is fills with great knowledge. For purity people wear this type of rudraksha.

Five mukhi rudraksha or 5 face rudraksha is known as pancha brahma swaroop (5 brahma). Wearing it make lord shankar(shiva) happy.

Six mukhi rudraksha is related to god kartikeya. Some knowledgable people say that its god is ganesh also.

Seven mukhi rudraksha symbolize seven matrikas(7 goddess mother),seven horse and 7 sages(muni/saptarishi).Wearing it attain great laxmi(goddess of wealth). This people is able to attain long life and respect. He will get wealth of ultimate knowledge.Religious people wear it surely.

Eight facet rudraksha goddess is asta matrika (eight mother goddess). This type of pure rudraksha pleases eight vasus and mother ganga. Wearing it pleases god who is truth and god who walk in truths.

Nine face rudraksha or 9 mukhi or nau mukh rudraksha is symbol of god dharmaraj. Wearing it make people fearless from any kinds of fear from yamraj(god of death).

Ten mukhi rudraksha god is related to das dikpal. Wearing it attain happiness and love in all ten direction.There is no doubt on it.

11 mukh rudraksha (eleven faces) rudraksha god is 11 rudras.Somebody says that indra(king of heaven) is also god of it. Wearing it always increases happiness.

The rudraksha with 12 face or twelve mukh is symbol of god maha vishnu.Its gods is also 12 suryas. This god will always take care of this rudraksha wearer.

Thirteen mukhi beautiful rudraksha always provide wish and enlightment. Just by wearing it pleases lord kamdeva.

Fourteen mukhi rudraksha got origin from shiva eyes.With effect of this all kinds problem is solved. And people will get all kind of healthy and long life.

The Rudraksha wearer should not drink and eat alcohol,onion,meat,garlic,sahijan(Moringa oleifera) and lasoda (Glue berry/Birdlime).

At time of eclipse,bisubh(visub/bisub),fight or war,sankranti(firt day of month),aayen,amawasya(dark moon day),full moon day and other festival time and religious days always keep wearing rudraksha all the time. From this he/she will get free from all kind of sin. Read more

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