Where to buy Rudraksha in Nepal?

Rudraksha is related to God Shiva. A Scientific name of rudraksha is ‘elaeocarpus ganitrus’ . Rudraksha beads is found in eastern hilly areas of Nepal. The best place to buy Rudraksha of any mukhi/faces which mean different variety of Rudraksha beads from Nepal has been given below.

There are different types of Rudraksha which is also known as ‘Mukhi’ or ‘Face’ of Rudraksha. To identify it is easiest one. Every rudraksha have lines.To identify rudraksha we have to count these lines. If rudraksha beads present one lines than it is said 1 mukhi rudraksha. If 2 than two mukhi,10 then 10 mukhi or ten face rudraksha. The scripture like shiva puran,Srimad devi bhagwat,padma puran mention importance of 1 to 14 mukhi rudraksha with its ruling god. But there is no doubt that every rudraksha is Shiva. The origin story of rudraksha is related with god shiva. You can purchase 1 to 21 mukhi rudraksha,gauri shankar and ganesh and other unique rudraksha from this shop.

The best place to buy rudraksha in Nepal is “Himalaya Rudraksha Bhandar”. You can also purchase online or pay with Bank.

You can also Purchase or read about rudraksha,shaligram,rudraksha mala,spiritual products. The website is www.nepalrudraksha.com (Contact no – +977- 9803021519)

If you are visiting Nepal. You must visit to Pashupatinath Temple situated in Kathmandu city,Nepal. Pashupatinath temple is dedicated to god pashupati(God Shiva).

Kathmandu is capital city of Nepal. There is only one international airport in nepal which is situated in kathmandu (15 minutes from Pashupatinath temple).

Shop details are below.

Himalaya Rudraksha Bhandar,

Pashupatinath Temple,Kathmandu,Nepal

Phone – +977 – 9803021519 , email – nepalrudraksha7@gmail.com

web – www.nepalrudraksha.com , Contact name – Mr. Ankit Dulal