Why Lord Shiva wear snake and tiger skin?

 why shiva wear snake in his neck?

– There is a nice story about why lord shiva wear snake in his neck. Goddess parvati says to god shiva that what is the use of that snake in earth. who always throw poison?. And after it lord shiva says to mother parvati that there is no such beings in universe which is no use.

Shiva says lets go nag lok(snake home) and test him. Shiva changes himself to old man with leprosy and mata parvati changes herself to wrinkles women.

They went to nag lok. After seeing lord shiva and mata parvati. Snake came to bite both but again snake thought i should respect guest. This happen when snake saw shiva face(shiva darshan).

He thought of guest respect(athithi devo bhava). Snake says to shiva how can i help you. Shiva says to snake,take all my leprosy from leg to head. Snake started taking poison from leg. When he came in shiva neck he fell very tired and leave it. After it shiva boon to snake you will be ornament of my neck from today.

Other things about shiva neck is that shiva neck or throat is blue and black in color. He ate or swallowed poison to save god and world at time of samundra manthan(churning of ocean).Poison name is kalkut.

  • Shivas serphent/snake name is basuki(vasuki). In gita,krishna says i am basuki among serphent.

Image of shiva family –  Left to right, Kumar(elder son),Lord shiva,mother parvati and lord ganesha (younger son).

Story behind tiger skin

– lord shiva is depicted in tiger skin. There is also one interesting story behind this.  once shiva was moving naked to test rishi or saints or his devotees(bhakta). After it rishi and saints wife came back to shiva. All rishi and saint decided to make big hole in way and keep tiger in that hole so that it kill shiva. When shiva passed through this area Suddenly shiva fall in hole. Rishi and saints became very happy. But after few minutes shiva came out by wearing tiger skin dress in his waist. After it all sage went to brahma. Brahma said he was shiva. All sages ask for pardon to shiva. Shiva forgive all of them and give lot of boon and blessing.


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